Our top attractions

Are you planning a trip to our region? Then you must try these activities and visit these places.

Fort Liefkenshoek



Be confronted with the fort's turbulent past; it's an old military fortress that's now a protected monument. Be impressed by containers that are stacked so high. After visiting the fort, take a walk on the dyke and admire the panoramic lookout tower with wonderful views of Waasland.

> Visit Fort Liefkenshoek

Mercator Museum

Mercator Museum


Mercator was born 500 years ago in Waasland. In this museum you'll learn all about his unique insights, which were revolutionary at the time. Globes, maps and atlases, world heritage in Sint-Niklaas! You can also combine it with Rupelmonde, where Mercator was jailed for a few months on a charge of heresy.

> Visit the Mercator Museum



Stekene / Sint-Gillis-Waas

A magnificent nature reserve and a wonderful place to walk. The combination of alder swamp forests, grassland and trenches make the signposted walking routes very diverse. Children can play on the hills and be amazed by the imposing Galloway cattle, Konik horses and grazing sheep.

> Explore the Stropersbos

Water playground in Puyenbroeck

Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck


You'll find all you need for a fun day with the family: sports accommodations, playground, flower garden, animal park, tourist train, boats and bicycle rental. The domain's packed schedule offers lots of activities for young and old.

> An excursion to Puyenbroeck

River Tours

water pleasure


Water and Waasland, they are inextricably linked together. This region of the Scheldt River, Durme River and Moervaart canal offers lots of opportunities for water fun. The most delightful relaxation on the water is a tourist boat trip! Don't forget to enjoy a terrace on the Wilfordkaai afterwards...

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